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There is an invisible war that many people are fighting today. Mental health affects thousands of people throughout the world. Each person's struggle is unique and can be debilitating or go unseen. 

The Invisible War looks at six individuals who struggle with their mental health. These images look at the way that mental health affects everything from the intimate moments to their entire day. This project consists of three series to give a well-rounded perspective on mental health.

The first is the color of mental health. These portraits are created with colored lights that represented the feeling of their mental health.

The second is a personal look at each person in their space. These people are just like any other but their struggle often goes unseen. These intimate moments were captured to show moments that each person shares on their own.

And finally, the third is a series of composite images that visually represent how each person feels in their struggle. This project is my on-going senior thesis and will be updated regularly.

© 2020 Hannah Bohrer