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Hannah Bohrer is a photographer and videographer from Bucks County PA. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Hannah began to explore art through the lens of her camera. She began by capturing the beauty of nature focusing her images on landscape photography. After learning more, Hannah decided to pursue her passion by attending Bucks County Community College and receiving her associates of fine art. During her time at Bucks, her work was featured in student shows. She also began to work with video and found it to be the perfect tool to enhance her art. As her work continued to grow Hannah turned her focus to portrait work and fine art photography.

Hannah also had an incredible experience with Storytellers Abroad in Lima Peru. While there, she learned how to connect with people and share their stories. Hannah was able to grow in her skills of videography while creating this project in just over a week. This trip was Hannah’s inspiration to share the stories of others. This trip was one of many she has taken that exposed her to many different perspectives and cultures.

After this Hannah continued her education at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Here she was pushed to create and experiment with alternative processes and medium format film. Hannah began making work that talked about difficult issues including death and mental health. Her work stems from her struggles and past experiences. This allows her work to be unique and have a deep emotional connection. She has worked on projects including Innocence vs. Reality which was a look into how children react to death.

This project along with others helped pave the way for Hannah’s thesis work The Invisible War. Hannah aims to use her photography to bring social change and talk about issues that can be seen in her current project. In this project, she captured the struggles of other mental health. Her project has the influence of an artist like Sally Mann and Francesca Woodman.

Hannah hopes to be able to create art that is a unique voice that talks about difficult topics. Her work causes questions to be asked about issues in our world today. Hannah doesn’t want to be just another wedding photographer. She wants to use her work to be a voice for the voiceless and create social change to better the world for the future.

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