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Maps: Lost on the Road of Creativity

Recently, I have begun working on my senior thesis. This is to be the work that launches my career, but as I began my project I felt lost and disorganized. I created this mini-series because I just needed to create. I chose maps because of the way that they are meant to give us direction to where we intend to go. But as I began this project, I had no idea how to follow the map. I had a few different ideas but I was hesitant to choose one. What if I start one project and it doesn't go anywhere? What if my work could go further if I concentrated on certain subjects instead of the ones I'm interested in? These questions and others spun in my head and caused my anxiety to stop me from creating anything. I pushed through these thoughts in order to just do something. It didn't have to be anything relevant to the project I just needed to make. In these self-portraits, I was able to face these thoughts that held me back and decided to follow my path to creating my thesis.

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