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The Beginning of My Thesis Work

This is my senior year at the University of the Arts! I'm very excited to be at the end of my educational career and also the start of my future. This is the beginning of my senior thesis that I will be working on until my graduation. This series is the first of three I am planning to create.

As I began researching topics for my thesis I kept coming back to issues of mental health. I've decided to focus my thesis on others and their struggle with mental health. I have done a few projects talking about my struggle but now I want to use my talents to tell the stories of others. I hope to stop the stigma and create a world that is open to talking about the difficult topic of mental health. Many people struggle with it but it is still a subject that it is often difficult to talk about. As I was researching, I noticed that all of the photography projects that have previously been done were all black and white photographs. I decided to create this project that used color to describe the emotions that my models feel at the moment when dealing with their mental health. Everyone has a unique struggle and I feel that including color can add another layer to the conversation about mental health. I hope you enjoy the beginning of this project! If you want to stay up to date I'm posting more info and behind the scenes on my Instagram page on my Thesis Work highlight real. Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon!

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