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Starry Night on Molasses Pond

When I was three, my parents bought a rustic, rundown cabin on molasses pond in Eastbrook Maine. My first memory of the cabin was my father walking through the center of it and falling through the floor. Little by little my dad rebuilt the cabin. Every year the cabin improved here and there into the place that I love today.

Every summer my family drove the 10 hours north to this beautiful, secluded place. By day the sun shone brightly as we splashed and swam for hours in the lake, hiked incredible mountains, and devoured uniquely Maine foods. And at night, the call of the loons harmonies as we sat around the campfire and waited on falling stars.

Maine is one of my favorite places in the entire world! It's a unique place that has an ora that I have always loved. I've been vacationing there for 22 years now and there are many places that are very special to me. There's a trail in the woods where my sister and I almost got lost with my old dog. There's the dock where my Poppop taught me how to fish. And there's the chair my nana would sit and read for hours in the sun. But there's one spot that will always be my favorite.

We call it the big rock. It's a huge boulder that sits right next to the shore. Half is flat and the other side is a steep ridge that slides down into the water. It's far enough into the water that when you sit on it the sky is open all around you. This is where we watch the stars!

The night starts with a beautiful orange and yellow sunset that fades to purples and blues. As the sky begins to go black tiny lights begin to glitter and shine. Soon the sky is full of millions of stars with the Milkyway along the trees on the shore. It doesn't take long to begin to see the stars begin to fall. These moments are the most beautiful as the stars fall, wishes rise with nights full of wonder and magic. These beautiful stars inspired this self-portrait series! I wanted to capture the magic, beauty, and wonder of my beloved vacationland!

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