• Hannah Bohrer

Star Self Portraits Attempt #2 Fail?

Maine is my paradise and where I feel inspired to create. Over memorial day weekend, I shot my first star self-portraits. Over my vacation, I wanted to try and push myself to create more photos with some more complicated setups. I shot for 2 nights and after seeing the results, I got really frustrated because they weren't as good as I thought. On my first attempt, I captured incredible photos that I felt truly captured my love and wonder of the stars in Maine. But this time was different, I felt like I failed. This is the part that frustrated me about self-portraits. They are the most personal work an artist can make and when you can't bring your vision to life self-doubt can take over. I wanted to share these photos, not because they are my best work but because I'm still learning and have room to improve. I want to keep pushing myself to perfect my craft and continue to create.


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