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Greetings from Poland!

Spring has finally sprung here in Poland. After having snow up to the weekend of Easter, the flowers have come out on the trees and it’s finally getting warm out. The kids at the preschool have been enjoying the warmer weather with many walks outside and playing at the playground. The older group took a field trip to a theater and had a great day. The student’s English has grown so much since the New Year and have started using sentences throughout the day. It has been heartwarming to see them grow so much and love learning English. We also celebrated American Day where the kids learn all about America and had hotdogs for a snack!

I have also taken some time for a few adventures. I went to one of my coworker’s house for Easter and enjoyed a wonderful meal with her family. I also met my friend Jennifer in Vienna for the weekend. We enjoyed shopping, sightseeing, and enjoying delicious food and coffee. My favorite was our visit to the Belvedere Palace and Museum. We saw many famous pieces by Flint, Van Gogh, Picasso, and many others. Vienna was beautiful and I really enjoyed my time there. And finally last weekend I went to visit the other American girls who work in Jaworzno. We went to another city to see a castle and its beautiful gardens.

I only have 3 more months here before returning home. I have a trip to Athens planned which I’m looking forward to. And at the end of June, I will finish my work at Genesis Preschool. It will be very hard to say goodbye to these kids who will always hold a special place in my heart. When I finish my work at the preschool, I will jump right into teaching at English Camp in Palowice. I’m planning to help with both weeks of camp. The first week will be for the younger students ages 10-14. We will be teaching English and bible lessons as well as playing color team games in the afternoon. Students come from all over Poland to this camp and I’m looking forward to meeting my class and team for the week. The second week of English Camp is for older students ages 14-18. At this camp, I will be teaching English and helping with color teams again. And after camp, I will be packing everything up and coming home.

I appreciate all of the support, prayer, and encouragement that everyone has sent me throughout this year. I would appreciate your continued prayer support as I end my work at the preschool and help with English Camps. If you feel led to send support financially for my last month helping with camp please contact me on social media!

Thank you again for your support over these last several months and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone when I come home.

See you soon!

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