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Greeting from Poland!

September & Early October Update

Fall is officially in full swing here in Poland as it started getting colder and the leaves are changing into their beautiful colors. I began my first few weeks working in Czerwionka-Leszczyny at the preschool. The kids quickly warmed up to me as I became a part of their daily classes. There are two groups at this school with about 30 students in total. The younger group has an English lesson twice a week while the older group has a lesson every day. When I’m not teaching, I assist the Polish teacher with whatever needs to be done. Sometimes that looks like helping with activities, going for walks, or just sharpening pencils. The kids have loved the English lessons and crafts each week. Each week we focus on a letter with a corresponding theme. For week A we talked about animals, B is for Bugs, C is for colors, D is for Dinosaurs, E is for emotions, and this week we are on F for food. During the week, we review letters, numbers, colors, and shapes as well as other vocab words. We have also been learning a bunch of songs that the kids love. Some of their favorites are called I’m so Happy, 7 Days of the Week, What’s the weather, 5 Little Ducks, and The Months of the Year. It hasn’t been all work! I have taken a few weekend trips to visit friends some of whom I haven’t seen for 5 years.

My first adventure was the Wroclaw for my best friend Julia’s birthday! We enjoyed way too much food and great quality time with her family! Julia and I met at English camp and have been close friends ever since!

I had the opportunity to go to my friend’s concert which was a really awesome experience! I enjoyed spending some quality time with other friends I’ve known for years as well!

I took another trip the Krakow to visit my friend Natalia! She recently moved back to Poland from America for school! We had the perfect weekend where we explored the Jewish district of Krakow. We found a few cute stores and markets where I got some art and another film camera. We also enjoyed some awesome food and a special breakfast at Kafe Bagheri Stockholm for fresh cinnamon rolls!

My days have been filled with great people, food, and memories. I apricate all of the support I’ve gotten from home. I have had a few hard weeks due to my mental health which I’m working to make better. I’ve enjoyed catching up with old friends and making new friends. I can’t wait to share with you all what is to come in the next month!

Do Widzenia!


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