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Fallen Angel

"Know that she is a songbird, who's longing to fly. And don't cage her unless you just want her to die." ~ Besides Daniel

This shoot was inspired by the lyrics of Learn how to fight by Besides Daniel. I wanted to make a fallen angel of death that was dark and beautiful. The original idea came to life as my first concept shoot about 3 years ago. At that time I was still learning how to work with models and how to pose them. I also needed to work on my editing and colorization skills. After a few years of practice, I finally capture the concept.

These images are of the same model, the same location, 3 years apart. It is so important to practice and to learn. When you are open to new ways of thinking and learning it can be incredible how far you can go. This shoot was very important for me to show how far I have come and how I am growing as an artist. Growth can be hard to see but in the end, you won't believe how far you have come!

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