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Anxious Dream

This series was based on my struggle with anxiety and depression. I was inspired by Francisco Goya's piece "The Sleep of Reason Creates Monster." When I first saw this piece I felt as though the monster was attacking the man. This was how I felt dealing with my mental health. I set out to create a visual representation of an invisible foe. In this first image of the series, we begin to feel the presence of something that is to come. The smoke creates a dream-like state that I'm trapped in. I'm wearing a white dress which represents my innocents. My mental health issues were increased by a difficult time in my family when I lost my grandparents and other family members. I was still young when these things began to happen and they in a way stole my innocents. I am also resting my head on a trunk that belonged to my grandparents and holds many memories of them. I decided to create the creatures that were attacking me have wings. As my family members who passed gain their wings, they enhance my demons. The creature isn't yet clearly visible, but they are still there. I created this series in a triptych to show the different stages of my struggle. There are some days that I don't have to deal with anxiety or depression. Then on other days they attack and change everything, As the creatures attack, they are now seen clearly. The head assailant's mouth is sewn shut representing my struggle to talk about my mental health in the past. Each of the demons have a clock face that look at my struggle with time and how it has affected my mental health. All this carried on black wings attack me as I try to rest peacefully.

Anxious Dream~ The Dream Begins

Anxious Dream~Monsters Awaken

Anxious Dream~ The Attack

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