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Hannah Bohrer is a local Bucks county digital and film photographer. She has been working in the art of photography for about ten years now. In the beginning, her work was focused on nature and landscape photography. Through this experience, she learned the basics of photography and decided to pursue her passion by going to Bucks County Community college where she achieved her associate's degree in photography. During her time at Bucks, she began to work with film and video. Both of these art forms pushed her work to follow a fine art path. Hannah then transferred to the University of the Arts to finish her bachelor’s degree. She began working on projects that focused on difficult issues of our time including death and mental health. Her work stems from her struggles and experience that makes the work very unique and powerful. Along with these projects, her work takes a lighter tone by creating whimsical subjects in beautiful locations in nature.  

Hannah hopes to use her photographs as a way to bring social change and talk about difficult topics. She also continues to create lighter portraits to grow her skills in her craft. She credits her teachers for pushing her to work on projects that were very personal and sometimes difficult to express. As her work has changed and developed some of her major influences include Julie Floro, Sally Mann, and Francesca Woodman. She enjoys working with medium format film to create emotional and ponente images similar to Sally Mann and Francesca Woodman. Hannah has also recently begun to create self-portraits that express her struggles through first-person narrative and the telling of stories.

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Phone:  267-424-3899

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